An Australian Constitution

Should we have an Australian Constitution?

The information on this website has been provided to explain a proposal to relocate Australia's federal Constitution from where it is currently located - as part of a United Kingdom Act of Parliament - to an Australiandocument.

  1. To see where Australia's Constitution sits in the United Kingdom Act, go to: Find our Constitution

  2. For a snapshot of the proposal, go to either:

    1. The Outline (text)

    2. The Outline (graphic)

  3. To read a short article about the proposal, go to: Should we have an AustralianConstitution

  4. For a more in-depth study of the proposal, go to: Concept Draft

  5. To find out more about Australia's Constitution and its history, go to: Links


John Christensen is a retired lawyer with 40 years experience as a legislative drafter in Australia and overseas.  He has been a visiting lecturer in Legislative Processes at the University of Canberra, and has lectured in a similar course at the Australian National University, Canberra.


The author gratefully acknowledges the assistance provided by Peter Christensen, for graphics and Alex Digan, and colleagues, for library services.